Wedding news and updates

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I repeat:


A few weekends ago, bm T came and went dress shopping with me. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! That was a pivotal weekend in the wedding dress shopping department. We found two very strong candidates. This was to celebrate:

Casa Ole margarita

The next weekend we had available I took my mom to see the dresses. I cannot show you the dress we chose because wandering eyes may fall upon this page *ahem*, but here is the runner up:

Maggie Sottero Monalisa

MS Monalisa

MS Monalisa back

This one is for fun. So beautiful, but quite a bit out of my price range. There was NO way I could justify to myself spending that much on my wedding dress! And the dress way heavy! Wow! Still so so so beautiful!!

Maggie Soterro Sabelle….ahhh Sabelle

MS Sabelle backMS Sabelle

The one thing I can tell you is I DID NOT end up buying a Maggie Soterro. I am in love with Maggie’s though. My dress is actually from a similar designer Sophia Tolli. And that is all I will tell. 🙂 Oh and the fact that at the last minute Mr. SB told me if what I really wanted was an ivory dress, then that is what I should go with and I did. Its not that I didn’t want a white dress, I was getting partial to the idea actually… but white really just didn’t look great on me. Ivory is much softer, more flattering and a tons more forgiving.  So yay!!

Besides FINALLY finding THE dress, I also got some things out of the way this past weekend. I go to working on flower girl baskets. I didn’t take step by step pictures but here is the final product:

Flower girl baskets

flower girl baskets closeup

I’m actually quite content with the way they came out. I covered them with lavender satin so it sticks with the theme. the little rose accents are pretty perfect. I love them! LOL I have also started working on the pillow. I’m pretty proud of that as well, since halfway through Mr. SB says, “I see your vision baby, but I just think it is going to happen this time.” However, after my vision DID happen, he says, ” Wow, I didn’t think you would pull it off but you did!” Thanks for the vote of confidence babe! The  reason is was a little telling is this. A friend’s mother had given us a rig bearer pillow to use. Great!! I did a little something to make it “ours”, I took off the lace around it and was going to outline it with the roses and add a bigger rose accent to the center. Well, then the problem was that the pillow was white and my color scheme just went from white to ivory. So wanting to still use the pillow because I thought it was nice of her and did not want it to go to waste, I ended up covering the pillow with the lavender satin. So, it may not have looked like it was going to work, but it did. 🙂 All I am missing now is some binding to make it looked more polished. I’m a little impressed with my crafting skills too. Sad to say, but my fiance’s comment about “I don’t think its going to happen this time” is not exactly one without cause. I always have good intentions, but not always good results.

That is where things lie as of now.

I’ll be back soon with pictures of the pillow and more updates!


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  1. wow beck those dresses are beautiful and bet the one u picked is just as beautiful.

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