A more productive weekend than last

Things are sort of looking up in the SB household. At the very least, I feel like I made some headway this past weekend. The major thing that can be crossed off the to-do list is the kids back-to-school shopping. Ooops! But that isn’t wedding related is it? 🙂

Mom and I set off Saturday morning for a shopping extravaganza! Mainly, we squared the boys away, then Mr. SB met up with us for lunch and to take the little bambinos home and she and I set out do the wedding-related stuff. We went to Arne’s for their big grand opening. While there, I got a few things. Last week I spent any spare minute I had in the evening trying to make ribbon roses. While I love to be crafty, very rarely am I really meant to BE crafty. Much like gardening. I have good intentions, but….eh. I was making the ribbon roses to use for the rig bearer pillow. The good news is we found some already made ribbon roses at Arne’s! Score! I got ideas for the unity candle since I want to do something a little different. More on that later ( much later, not this post at least). I even saw some lasso’s for the lasso ceremony. We saw some vases for the centerpieces since we are undecided to go ahead and use the venue’s or buy them. The reason is, well at the family weddings we’ve been to (Latino) people are often accustomed to taking the centerpieces. So, IF this happens, wouldn’t it be better to buy $5 vases than pay the venue like $20/vase? Things that we got:

  1. Rose accents for the ring bearer pillow
  2. Tissue paper for pomanders
  3. Baskets to make the flowergirl baskets

I know, it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m excited! That’s 3 projects I can get moving on and cross off my list.

Then, we stopped by IKEA and did a lot of looking but we also picked up some champagne flutes to start playing with what to do about that. (Um, we also picked up some kitchen goodies we could not resist. Hey! I really did need a new potato peeler! And a wok! Err..and a spoon strainer thingy! ) 🙂

So, really that is 4 PROJECTS I can start working on!

Things I need to get moving on:

  1. Talking to the officiant  about the ceremony we want.
  2. Start discussing what we’d like in cake flavors and maybe have a tasting.
  3. Finding MY dress.
  4. Deciding on the menu for the reception. Only then, can we decide on the rehearsal dinner location.

So, despite little setbacks last week, things are moving along again. Wohoo!


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