My 1st trip to Archiver’s

Mom, Aunt L and I went to Archiver’s this past Sunday for a Bridal Showcase class they had. As far as learning anything, I can’t say I did. I learned what I already know. Not to hold the embossing gun too close to the paper while heating or you burn it. Ya, found that one out first hand during sampling. However, I did enjoy the class if anything to see the samples.  It has confirmed that I want a pocketfold invite and has 95% convinced me that I want my invite to be vertical rather than horizontal. However, I am running in to a problem finding where to print the invite if we get it vertical, because then that means the invite itself is horizonal or landscape. I can very easily do this myself, but to get the thermography printing may be more difficult.

Anyway, my 1st experience in Archiver’s was excellent. Everyone’s comments about how nice the staff is was an understatement. So sweet and eager to help in any way. I ran in to an old collegue that worked at one of the schools I did. She was always the sweetest also. It was good seeing her. So what did I leave with you wonder?

Well, my guess is we would have gotten the pocketfolds but the color we liked did not particularly fit the color scheme. It was more of a wine color than a purple. One of those perfect “if it were a Fall wedding” color. Although, have no fear, we did not leave empty handed.

Archivers 001

The goodies:

  • A new paper trimmer and WOWEE does this baby go! Much better than my little portable one. On sale. Woohoo!
  • A new swirly stamp. I have not experimented with this yet, but hope to this weekend.
  • Other stamps that we liked and will work nicely for the guestbook cards and thank you cards.
  • Little letter stamps. I have an idea for those I will share soon.  🙂
  • Glue Dots, cuz I just needed more. I may be a little addicted to glue dots. Just a little, no need for an intervention. Yet.
  • A neat glue pen for adding glitter. Not sure why I need it yet, but I know I need it. I even have glitter. Just need the project.  

That was the extent of my Archiver’s swag. 🙂


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