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Wedding news and updates

Hear ye! Hear ye!



I repeat:


A few weekends ago, bm T came and went dress shopping with me. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! That was a pivotal weekend in the wedding dress shopping department. We found two very strong candidates. This was to celebrate:

Casa Ole margarita

The next weekend we had available I took my mom to see the dresses. I cannot show you the dress we chose because wandering eyes may fall upon this page *ahem*, but here is the runner up:

Maggie Sottero Monalisa

MS Monalisa

MS Monalisa back

This one is for fun. So beautiful, but quite a bit out of my price range. There was NO way I could justify to myself spending that much on my wedding dress! And the dress way heavy! Wow! Still so so so beautiful!!

Maggie Soterro Sabelle….ahhh Sabelle

MS Sabelle backMS Sabelle

The one thing I can tell you is I DID NOT end up buying a Maggie Soterro. I am in love with Maggie’s though. My dress is actually from a similar designer Sophia Tolli. And that is all I will tell. 🙂 Oh and the fact that at the last minute Mr. SB told me if what I really wanted was an ivory dress, then that is what I should go with and I did. Its not that I didn’t want a white dress, I was getting partial to the idea actually… but white really just didn’t look great on me. Ivory is much softer, more flattering and a tons more forgiving.  So yay!!

Besides FINALLY finding THE dress, I also got some things out of the way this past weekend. I go to working on flower girl baskets. I didn’t take step by step pictures but here is the final product:

Flower girl baskets

flower girl baskets closeup

I’m actually quite content with the way they came out. I covered them with lavender satin so it sticks with the theme. the little rose accents are pretty perfect. I love them! LOL I have also started working on the pillow. I’m pretty proud of that as well, since halfway through Mr. SB says, “I see your vision baby, but I just think it is going to happen this time.” However, after my vision DID happen, he says, ” Wow, I didn’t think you would pull it off but you did!” Thanks for the vote of confidence babe! The  reason is was a little telling is this. A friend’s mother had given us a rig bearer pillow to use. Great!! I did a little something to make it “ours”, I took off the lace around it and was going to outline it with the roses and add a bigger rose accent to the center. Well, then the problem was that the pillow was white and my color scheme just went from white to ivory. So wanting to still use the pillow because I thought it was nice of her and did not want it to go to waste, I ended up covering the pillow with the lavender satin. So, it may not have looked like it was going to work, but it did. 🙂 All I am missing now is some binding to make it looked more polished. I’m a little impressed with my crafting skills too. Sad to say, but my fiance’s comment about “I don’t think its going to happen this time” is not exactly one without cause. I always have good intentions, but not always good results.

That is where things lie as of now.

I’ll be back soon with pictures of the pillow and more updates!


Back to the drawing board

I finally inquired about the cost of having the green cymbidium orchids included in the wedding flowers and turns out it is not very cost effective at all. So, on to the next green flower! The other choice is green button mums.

green button mums

green button mums 2

button mum bouquetPretty bouquet

And for the centerpieces I really like this picture:lime slice centerpiece the knot

Except, instead of hydrangeas, the filler flowers would be lavender roses.  What I really like is the charm the lime slices give the centerpiece.

What do you think?

Love at first sight….Ahhhh

I love the idea of handwritten little notes from our guests for the guestbook! I think it is fun to see what advice and well wishes people give.

I happened to be walking through Target one day and I ended up in the aisle with the photo albums. I glanced and this one caught my eye. It was love at first sight. This is right up my alley and corresponds with my “Love is patient, Love is kind” theme that has sort of evolved.

Target wedding album

I seriously cannot tell you how excited this made me. I am all about inspirational quotes and expressions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I do not know why. I guess it is that dorkiness in me. They just fill my heart with joy and make me giddy. No really. I wish I could say it was the doing of the wedding, but no I was like this before.

So, naturally, I bought the album. My initial thought was to convert this in to our guestbook. However, as all ideas “Becky”, I had two visions for the guestbook that I cannot choose between.

Option #1  – To use individual card/envelopes to glue to the album. For this obviously, my Target album would not work. Which is ok, because I can then use that album for our wedding pictures like it was meant to.

Option #2 – Use a “Well Wishes” jar for guests to write their message and then drop the card in the jar. After the wedding, the cards would be assembled in the album. Since the album has 4 x 6 slots, I could make the cards 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 or so, which would allow room for long messages as well.

Option #3 – I can use a “Well Wishes” jar and envelopes. According to a Martha Stewart  article, even though you use a clear vase or bowl, the envelopes allow for privacy, encouraging guests to write something more sentimental without worrying about wandering eyes.

Guestbook Inpiration board

 (Pic 2, all others)

I can use the well wishes jar regardless, but do I have envelopes or no envelopes? Also, do I make my pretty photo album work as the guestbook or should I just use it for photos and get a guest book with plain pages to glue the envelopes to? Obviously, my Target album will not work for gluing envelopes as the inside looks like this:

Downloaded July 085

(Pic by moi)

What would you do? Should I use this album for the guest book or use it for pictures?

To toss or not to toss

The more and more I think of it, the more our wedding is turning out to be non-traditional. I say this because I am toying with the thought of throwing out yet another tradition. Yep. I said it.

I am thinking of not doing a bouquet or garter toss.  There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that I am easily embarrassed. I can just see my face being beet red. In a white dress. Yeah, not a pretty thought. However, I would take it if I thought it would actually be fun, but I think it might actually border on uncomfortable. I don’t think all that many single people are invited to our wedding. There are a few. Probably more single men than women. Even though our wedding is fast approaching for me because I am planning and organizing it, it is actually still a long time away. Another couple could actually get married between now and then dwindling the single number even more! You might laugh, but its happened already with several couples. Haha

Fear not…I stumbled on a board post on that gave me a great idea. Check this out:

“They asked all couples to get on the dancefloor and had the DJ excuse people from the dancefloor if they had been married less than 5 hours, less than 1 year, less than 5 years, and on and on until the last couple was dancing. The last couple (her grandparents) dancing were given the garter and bouquet. That way you’re honoring marriage as a whole, rather than single-ing out the singles there.”


I think that would be pretty cool. Although, I am pretty sure we can assume that Omar’s grandparents would be the winners. Haha They just celebrated their 50 years. However, if my grandfather was still with us, then MY grandparents would be the winners. 😉 Oh well, it would have been fun to see both sets of grandparents duke it out. Haha

So, I don’t know. What do you guys think? Should we do the traditional bouquet/garter toss even if there is not that many participants or should we try this new way that honors the rite of marriage?

Themed First Dance

A popular trend these days is having a themed first dance or even a bridal party dance or something for all of the wedding guests.

How awesome is this first dance? I LOVE that movie!!!! So cute!!!

Unfortunately, we will not be having a themed first dance or group dance. Yes, everyone can sigh now. Haha As it is, I am having trouble envisioning how the music part of the reception will flow smoothly with so many different cultures and backgrounds. Even if I wanted to have a group dance (which I don’t bc I myself am not that coordinated) I wouldn’t know with what to begin.

I just thought this was cute and figured I would share with you guys. Happy Sunday!

Superstitious or not?

There seem to be all these wedding traditions or rather superstitions surrounding a wedding. I have to admit, I broke one. Well, sort of. Our wedding has been a long time in planning or specifically nailing down a date.  Of course, one of the things a woman immediately starts looking at is wedding dresses, right?

Some time last year, we were trying to figure out how to make this happen. I was looking at dresses and my fiance mentioned he would like to see them. Ok, lets think about this for one second. Really, this is my best friend in the whole world. He is the first one I run to about any other kind of decision or whose opinion is the very first that I will ask. Does it not make sense to at least show him my choices of wedding dresses?

I know that is one thing a lot of people have thrown out the window and some fiance’s have gone dress shopping with their brides. I am really curious how other people feel about this? Truth be told, I would LOVE to get his input on my dress. This is the dress I will be wearing when we become man and wife and our new life begins (even though it already has hehe)! I did enjoy getting his opinion before. The good thing is, we liked similar dresses. Our top 2 choices were the same. He has requested I wear a white dress and when I showed him one I really liked in champagne, he actually liked it too and “considered” letting me wear a non-white dress. Haha Well, that was a long time ago and since I have kind of fallen in lust with another dress. A few actually, but one in particular. I am itching to see what he thinks… but I am not sure if that will take away from seeing it the day we get married.

Which brings me to my next wedding tradition/superstition I am thinking of breaking. Not seeing each other before the wedding. Ok, hear me out. Haha I have seen a few photo shoots and Platinum Weddings episodes where the bride and groom see each other in their attire before the ceremony in a secluded place. The photographer takes photos of the “first look”….SO romantic! I just don’t know. Do I just nix everything that says wedding? We’ve already made the decision against a Catholic wedding ceremony, so do I just have an un-wedding wedding? I did talk to him about this one day. Or at least I tried. He just sort of laughed at me and then got lost in thought when he realized I was serious. I got the impression he wasn’t too keen on the idea.

So, what do you guys think? Should I let the groom see and maybe help pick out my dress? Should our “first look” be before the ceremony with just the two of us and our photographer (whoever that will be!) or should it be in front of all our guests as I walk down the aisle as it has been for centuries (?)?

My goodies…my goodies

I actually thought I had a song stuck in my head but then I realized it was another song. I was thinking of the Ciara Goodies song, but I really don’t know how it goes. All I remember is my sister wanting to play her Ciara CD once she was a little tipsy and me and Omar very vocally against it. LOL (Remember sis? 🙂 ) That has kind of always been a problem. Once we all get tipsy all Omar and I want to hear is ROCK and she wants dance music. Don’t worry sister, for the wedding we won’t have too much control and I will actually join you on the dancefloor if you’re up for it!

Anyways, so I have been very patiently waiting for some things to come in and they finally did last night. First up is our ribbon for the bubbles!

The light purple is actually lighter than I thought, but it’s all right. Already I am getting to the “screw it” stage on certain things and this was one. Its not that important. But, it still makes me giddy when I see it!

Lilac ribbon with purple foil

Lilac ribbon with purple foil

(Source: moi)

Oh crap! I just realized everything else has my real name on it and this is the only thing that will say Becky. Ooops. I thought something looked odd when I was looking at it last night…

It is very exciting because now I can assemble the bubbles. With one small detail. I am not sure what I want the tag to say. More on this later.

The second thing I received was the matchbooks! Bridesmaid A and I were talking matches the other day and I know I said I hate matchbooks and I do. However, matchboxes are so much more expensive. I came across an awesome deal on The Knot that I could not pass up. I got 100 matchbooks (we had discussed only getting 50 for like $30 for the boxes) for LESS than $20!! So you see why I went with the books. Hmmm…50 for $30 or 100 for $20? You do the math and tell me what you would have gone with. Without further ado, here there are:

Wedding 027

Wedding 028

(Source: moi again)

Sorry for the blurry pics, but err I misplaced my canon software disk….

The sad thing? The matchbooks are the only thing I can say is completely done and out of the way. I am considering – should I tie a ribbon around it (not the personalized favor ribbbon) to give it a little something? I know people are just going to take it off and chunk it though.  So, thats probably too much.

I figured I would show you some of the other matches we were looking at.

There were these for $33.00 for 25:

JEAN M slender matches




These were $22.00 for 50:
Jean M matchbox

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly $30.00 for 50, but I think I still made out much better with 100 for $15.99. Also, te matchboxes don’t come in custom colors, only white for the slender and the others white, black, ecru, silver. I wanted to stick with the purple color scheme.

I even considered making some personalzed matchbooks myself like this:
Miss fondue matches 1
Miss fondue matches 2
Miss fondue matches 3


However, we figured the ribbon would be rather annoying to someone actually using them to light a cigarette. I can see the pretty personalization (and my hardwork) being peeled right off to strike the match.

Did you have a change of heart about any aspect of the wedding because “the price was right”?