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Dress shopping Part 1

A few weeks ago mom and I went dress shopping. I had talked to an associate at one of the bigger bridal salons around town and they told me Maggie dresses take about 5 months to come in. Of course most of the dresses I have liked so far are Maggie Sottero dresses. We went to this cute little bridal shop, Milan Bridal. As I blogged about before I really liked Tom. So, it took him a LONG time but he was able to find Symphony for me. Here is the actual dress bc mom could not take very good pictures in that little dressing room.

Maggie Symphony 1

Maggie Symphony 2


Here is me holding up  the dress. Ugh I cannot believe I am posting these:

symphony board

Let me just say, before trying on the Henry Roth you can see in the background, I thought Symphony was “The One”. Symphony is still my top choice, since I can’t have the Henry Roth that is. *Looks away sheepishly* 

The other dress we liked was a Sottero Midgley. Here it is:

Sottero Midgley

(All photos of me taken by Mama SB)

I liked it alot when I tried it on, but now I am leaning more towards no on that one.

It is starting to look like my dress search is going to be extensive. I just do not like how certain things look on me. I am very picky in that department. I can take 10 things in a dressing room and come out liking only 1.

How many dress tries did it take to find “the one”?