Once upon a time…

A bride saw this on The Knot and loved it:

THe Knot  aisle fresh poms

She decided it would be too costly to make, bm A shared visions of gm M (my brother) playing with them all the way down the aisle and the thought was nixed.

Recently, this bride who is knee deep in the planning stages saw this picture on the weddingbee boards:

wedding bee board diy pomander

Eek!!! Paper pomanders!!! Now THAT is an affordable alternative!!! Of course it would be in lavender and eggplant versus hot pink and black, but isn’t that gorgeous?

So, the bride got excited but then thought, “Oh wait. Huh. Our chairs and the aisle will be on concrete.”

How would I make the base work on concrete? What is that base made out in the first picture?

Dilemma #2. Err, remember how I talked about a rose petal toss for the recessional? That thought was originally spurred by a thought of hanging paper cones on the chairs for decor. Paper cones filled with rose petals and big poofy pomanders lining the aisle? Too much? I think I am on inspiration overload.

Did you love one too many ideas for the same aspect of your wedding?


Is it too late to change my mind?

About the bridesmaid dresses that is. What did you think I meant? 🙂

While at the Bridal Extravagaza Show, we happened to come across the David’s Bridal booth. I didn’t pay a lot of attention but there was one dress that caught my eye. It was a bridesmaid dress. I know I have already pretty much narrowed the dress choices down and made everyone go dress shopping, but just take a look ok?

Here is the DB dress that caught my eye:

DB style F13625

In Lapis

DB style F13625 lilac

In lilac

(Source for both)

Truth be told, I am not sure how I feel about that lilac until I see a real live swatch in front of me. If there is one thing I have learned through this whole wedding planning thing is “colors may appear differently on your computer screen”.

I will tell you this, this dress is a little cheaper and there is no train to worry about. Haha

What do you think? Is it too late to change my mind?

What I learned at Bridal Extravaganza

This past weekend, mom, BM A ,  Jr. BM J and I went to the Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center. It was a whirlwind of vendors and ideas! Here are a few things I learned:

1. A camera is important no matter if you didn’t get in until midnight the night before from the river and were dog tired. Run back in and get it! (thanks to BM A for compensating with her phone)

2. If you were already confused about a certain detail, you will leave the show even more confused.

3. It definitely pays to have a few people with you. 🙂

4. Freebies and samples are cool.

5. Definitely dog-ear the vendors you are truly interested in because you will get more swag than even in your life.

6. Out of all those vendors, only 10% will turn out to be beneficial. (At least for me)

Ok, so all in all it wasn’t all that bad. I did come away from it with some gems:

1. I found a photog I really liked who may be in our price range. Still have to contact him.

2. I got some hair product samples which is always nice.

3. My mom bought me this instant manicure thingy which smells good and made my hands feel great.

4. I think I may have found a hair and makeup stylist that is pretty reasonable. After inquiring about their prices they threw in there that they do tattoo cover-up and my mom threw in that we need that. That threw me for a loop…Anyway, they seem to be the most reasonable I’ve found so far. You can check them out here.

5. I saw yet another wedding dress to add to my collection of “dresses to try on”.

6. I learned that Sophia Tolli used to design for Maggie Sottero which is why I had to add the dress.

7. I saw a new bridesmaid dress that I liked.

8. I found this place called Archivers that might prove to be very helpful in making my invitations. Mom and I are going to visit it this Sunday.

So, you can see, it wasn’t a complete bust. However, if I thought I had a vision already for the bridesmaid dresses, my dress, and the invitations I am now second guessing myself.

Here is a picture that we took at a photo booth vendor. Which, while there I started thinking, “Hmm, this could be cool…” Even though I’ve never had any desire to have a photo booth or photo booth guestbook at my wedding. Boy some of those vendors really know how to get inside your head!


Did you visit any bridal shows? If so, were they beneficial or fill your head with even more idea?

Love at first sight….Ahhhh

I love the idea of handwritten little notes from our guests for the guestbook! I think it is fun to see what advice and well wishes people give.

I happened to be walking through Target one day and I ended up in the aisle with the photo albums. I glanced and this one caught my eye. It was love at first sight. This is right up my alley and corresponds with my “Love is patient, Love is kind” theme that has sort of evolved.

Target wedding album

I seriously cannot tell you how excited this made me. I am all about inspirational quotes and expressions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I do not know why. I guess it is that dorkiness in me. They just fill my heart with joy and make me giddy. No really. I wish I could say it was the doing of the wedding, but no I was like this before.

So, naturally, I bought the album. My initial thought was to convert this in to our guestbook. However, as all ideas “Becky”, I had two visions for the guestbook that I cannot choose between.

Option #1  – To use individual card/envelopes to glue to the album. For this obviously, my Target album would not work. Which is ok, because I can then use that album for our wedding pictures like it was meant to.

Option #2 – Use a “Well Wishes” jar for guests to write their message and then drop the card in the jar. After the wedding, the cards would be assembled in the album. Since the album has 4 x 6 slots, I could make the cards 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 or so, which would allow room for long messages as well.

Option #3 – I can use a “Well Wishes” jar and envelopes. According to a Martha Stewart  article, even though you use a clear vase or bowl, the envelopes allow for privacy, encouraging guests to write something more sentimental without worrying about wandering eyes.

Guestbook Inpiration board

 (Pic 2, all others)

I can use the well wishes jar regardless, but do I have envelopes or no envelopes? Also, do I make my pretty photo album work as the guestbook or should I just use it for photos and get a guest book with plain pages to glue the envelopes to? Obviously, my Target album will not work for gluing envelopes as the inside looks like this:

Downloaded July 085

(Pic by moi)

What would you do? Should I use this album for the guest book or use it for pictures?

Break it down: Save-the-Date

After it was all said and done here is the cost breakdown for the Save-the-Dates: 
Vendor Item Quantity Cost
MyGatsby.com invitations 75  $       158.28
Joann’s ribbon 4  $           7.27
Hobby Lobby runner adhesive 3 pk  $           8.57
Hobby Lobby Scrapbook squares 1  $           4.28
Michaels mini glue dots 1  $           4.28
Michaels Charms 2 – 50 pk  $         10.70
Michaels lavender metallic gel pen 1  $           1.60
Hobby Lobby Vellum for Spanish inserts 1 – 25 pk  $           7.57
Fedex Kinkos Printing for Spanish inserts 10 shts  $           6.39
USPS Postage 37 invites  $         50.39
Hobby Lobby Seals 1 pk  $           4.32
Total  $       263.65
Total cost per invite  $        3.52


*Note: I think it is worthy to mention I have some supplies left. I have about 20 invites left because the increments went from 50 -75. Obviously 50 would not have been sufficient. Good call on that one. I also have charms, scrapbook squares, mini glue dots, ribbon, vellum, printed inserts and seals left. Additionally, I got more than 75 invites in my package. I ended up with about 80 with a few extra backings. It also turned out I did not need as many spanish inserts as I had printed, but that is how I do it. Always better to have more than enough than not enough!I think 6 sheets would have been plenty.

Could it have been cheaper? Sure. Would I have been just as happy? Perhaps.  In the end, it was a definite learning experience and I was happy with the end result. I did spend a little extra on things like the Spanish inserts, but what is the point of giving someone an invite they cannot read? It was well worth it.

A bridesmaid outing

A few weeks ago, somehow all of the BMs and MOH were able to congregate to go dress shopping. My girls are wonderful and the only reason I say “somehow” is because 3 of them live out of town, all in different places. MOH L comes from San Antonio, BM J comes from Corpus Christi and BM T comes from Killeen. Imagine my surprise and excitement to find out they would ALL be making it!

Here is a snapshot before courtesy of my guy:Wedding 004


We were missing MOH L since she was on her way and running a bit late so she met us at the bridal salon. From left to right top to bottom: BM A, BM T, me, BM B, BM J, Jr. BM J, BM J’s younger daughter.

As I mentioned in another post, I pretty much had a couple of styles in mind. Here are the girls in the two styles (pictured by moi):Wedding 006


The pink dress what not actually in the selection. The lady helping us just threw that in there, I am guessing because it was her size? Also, these are not the colors. MOH will be wearing eggplant and the BMs will be wearing lavender.  Other than that, taking in to account the actual dress styles and how they fit, I think they were good choices. I thought both styles looked really great on all the girls. In listening to all the girls talk, it was quickly apparent which girl liked which style best.

There is the tiniest glitch with this dress:

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 2

First of all, I had originally wanted to intertwine the two dress colors on the dresses and the trim (i.e. MOH eggplant dress with lavender trim and BMs lavender dress with eggplant trim). The trim on this dress only comes in white or ivory. I got over that quickly though, because the white trim will tie their dresses in to mine and I had originally thought of the BMs wearing white shoes instead of dying them. This way when it is all said and done they can dye them a color they can use again.  Secondly, as you can tell, there is a short train on the dress. Albeit short, it is still there and the sales lady mentioned getting it bustled. I had a problem with this because I feel like that is just another expense I’d be asking my girls to incur. However, after some brainstorming with a couple of the BMs and a little internet searching, we decided we could probably add our own bustle! Since the train is really so small, surely we could add a snap or button to the underside right? Right?!

So, its poll-time again ladies!

After the dress shopping we had a small little barbeque to say thanks to the girls. Unfortunately most of them had to get going. Here are a few pics on a very hot day:

Wedding 010 Wedding 011

Wedding 013

Wedding 012

Wedding 016

Did you come across any snaggles with your bridesmaid dress choices?

How I spent a quiet Sunday morning

Sunday mornings around my house are pretty quiet. I usually run my errands on Saturday morning. Living with a house full of men (my fiance and two sons) I am usually the first person up with a few hours of me time before they start waking up and trickling in to the living area. I like to use this “me” time to peruse wedding sites, play some online games, catch up on my emails, etc. This past Sunday I decided to use my time trying to design the map to be include in the invitations.

You see, Saturday I spent a day with my mom doing wedding stuff. We went dress shopping, went to Michael’s and then came home and experimented with my ideas for the invitations. With all that fresh on my brain, I decided to try my hand at making our map. Mainly, so I am not rushed to do it once I do have everything else in order for invitations.

While, I would have loved to of designed a map like this:


I went with a map more like this because I thought it showed details and streets much better:




 I ended up using Mrs. Ballet Flat’s handy tutorial. It was very helpful for me since I have limited programs on my home computer (all the cool ones are at work).

Here is my finished product:
Final Map of venue

While I am proud of this because it took me a good 2 hours at least (if not 2 1/2 hours) I am concerned about the readability of the map. Does this look confusing to anyone?