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A more productive weekend than last

Things are sort of looking up in the SB household. At the very least, I feel like I made some headway this past weekend. The major thing that can be crossed off the to-do list is the kids back-to-school shopping. Ooops! But that isn’t wedding related is it? 🙂

Mom and I set off Saturday morning for a shopping extravaganza! Mainly, we squared the boys away, then Mr. SB met up with us for lunch and to take the little bambinos home and she and I set out do the wedding-related stuff. We went to Arne’s for their big grand opening. While there, I got a few things. Last week I spent any spare minute I had in the evening trying to make ribbon roses. While I love to be crafty, very rarely am I really meant to BE crafty. Much like gardening. I have good intentions, but….eh. I was making the ribbon roses to use for the rig bearer pillow. The good news is we found some already made ribbon roses at Arne’s! Score! I got ideas for the unity candle since I want to do something a little different. More on that later ( much later, not this post at least). I even saw some lasso’s for the lasso ceremony. We saw some vases for the centerpieces since we are undecided to go ahead and use the venue’s or buy them. The reason is, well at the family weddings we’ve been to (Latino) people are often accustomed to taking the centerpieces. So, IF this happens, wouldn’t it be better to buy $5 vases than pay the venue like $20/vase? Things that we got:

  1. Rose accents for the ring bearer pillow
  2. Tissue paper for pomanders
  3. Baskets to make the flowergirl baskets

I know, it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m excited! That’s 3 projects I can get moving on and cross off my list.

Then, we stopped by IKEA and did a lot of looking but we also picked up some champagne flutes to start playing with what to do about that. (Um, we also picked up some kitchen goodies we could not resist. Hey! I really did need a new potato peeler! And a wok! Err..and a spoon strainer thingy! ) 🙂

So, really that is 4 PROJECTS I can start working on!

Things I need to get moving on:

  1. Talking to the officiant  about the ceremony we want.
  2. Start discussing what we’d like in cake flavors and maybe have a tasting.
  3. Finding MY dress.
  4. Deciding on the menu for the reception. Only then, can we decide on the rehearsal dinner location.

So, despite little setbacks last week, things are moving along again. Wohoo!


Bubbles vs. Petal Toss

One of my first wedding purchases were wedding bubbles. They are pretty versatile and keep well so why not? Because brides change their mind ALL THE TIME thats why!

Kind of like Mrs. Prefume of Weddingbee, I pretty spur of the moment decided I want a petal toss. However, I already had bubbles purchased. How will I justify this to myself and my groom no doubt?

A few people have suggested doing both. We can have the petal toss coming down the aisle after being pronouced husband and wife, which I think would be beautiful and fun pictures. My only concern would be having rose petals in my hair during our photo session. But, look at this darling picture I found on the Southern Weddings Magazine website:

Swsmag petal toss


I love how happy they look and it makes me all that much more excited!

So, that would leave what to do with the bubbles?

One suggestion is to do the bubbles at the send off. My concern with this is: will people actually be staying to the end? I don’t know. I can’t remember the last wedding I stayed at until the very end. This is my #1 choice, I just don’t know if anyone will even be left.

Suggestion #2 is to do the bubbles during our first dance, which seems romantic. However, I have visions of people walking across the dance floor and eating dirt because of a soapy floor. Or even worse, me kissing the floor. That would be a nightmare! They are wedding bubbles. Do you think it would get soapy?

So, there lies my second dilemma that I mentioned in a previous post. Until I know what I am using these darn bubbles for, I can’t assembe the favors. I need to know if I am using them for a first dance or a send off. I wanted to put a little note on the favors so it is clear. I have been to weddings where the bubbles never get blown or the rice never gets tossed because people don’t know when to do it.

Proposed Bridesmaid dresses – A post to my bridal party

Dear Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids:

I know you are excited to see the dresses I’d like you to try on! So, I won’t make you wait any longer! Here are the two styles I like. I will preface and say that what I am really going for here is something that will feature both colors of the wedding: a light purple (lavender/lilac) and a darker purple (amythest/eggplant). What I would love is for the bridesmaids main color to be the light purple and  then the maid of honor to be the dark purple. Here are the two choices:


Alfred Angelo 6133 view 1


I really like this one. I think it would be flattering for everyone. This is the front side. The dress is the lavender color but the ribbon would be eggplant not black.

Alfred Angelo 6133 view 2


This is a picture of the detail. There isn’t much, but that is what I think makes it so pretty.

Alfred Angelo 6133 view 3

This is supposed to show the backside. Have I mentioned how much I dislike that black ribbon?

Ok, now this is #2:

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 1


Ok, please do not let the skinny model discourage you!! I saw this dress in a photographers album and I thought it complimented the maids very well. Then, I realized I had seen it before and sure enough I found it. This tiny picture is the only one I could get of the front side. LOL

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 2

Here is the backside which I absolutely love! I like the split showing a different color. Of course, it would be eggplant not white.

I am so excited!

I can give you a small bit of info. If we go with one of these dresses, both of them are between $175 – $200. They take 10-12 weeks to arrive so you have a little bit (ok, a lot of bit) of time. I just wanted you guys to be well informed ahead of time in case you need to slowly put money aside (like we are!). At the time of placing the order, you need to pay 50% and then the remainder is due at the time of pickup, but you can pay it off little by little in the meantime as well which is nice. So, if you want to pay a little every pay period so its paid off by the time it arrives, then you can. I think that is pretty cool. Almost like a layaway plan but not really.

What I don’t know is if we get a discount or something for ordering them all together. If not, and if it is not a problem for everyone to order their own, then I have no problem with that. On the other hand, if we want to order them all at the same time from the same location so they all come in at the same time, I have no problem with that either. The salon is relatively close to my work (and the Michael’s I frequent during lunch…A LOT) so its not a problem at all for me to swing by and pick them up at the time they are ready. I know you all have busy lives and my wedding is not top priority like it is in mine. I will be happy to accomodate what I can, my only request was that we do the initial dress shopping together. 🙂 I really think it will be a fun girl outing, which I don’t have many of.  Ok, I think I am blubbering now, so that concludes the info and pics of my first choice of bridesmaids dresses! I hope you like them!

Oh, and I really expect that in the new few months being wedding season and all plus the economy, that they will have some sales going on. There was one recently, but I knew no one was ready for it. I get the emails though, so I will keep you informed when there is one if you want to take advantage. Maybe I can get some kind of coupon at the Bridal Extravaganza next month as well. Never hurts to try.

How long did it take you to pick out bridesmaid dresses?

I suddenly realized…

I have tons of time before the wedding! I felt much better after reading Mrs. Bee’s (founder of wedding timeline.

Here I was stressing that I am quickly coming up on 9 1/2 months instead of 10, which will quickly turn in to 9 months and have not sent the save-the-dates yet. Can we say anal retentive? BTW, Wikipedia’s definition is:

“The term anal-retentive (or anally retentive, anal retentive), commonly abbreviated to “anal”, is used conversationally to describe a person with such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, and can be carried out to the detriment of the anal-retentive person.”

Yep. Guilty. I was so obsessed that I actually wanted to go out and buy a printer. Haha Also, I have repeatedly been bugging my mom for addresses (but that actually needs to be done). We don’t have a LOT of out of town guests, but for the ones we do have I want them to have plenty of notice of our special day to help plan accordingly. I don’t really think that is a bad thing, now is it?

So, now I am ok with the fact that our save-the-dates will be mailed in June instead of May which was my original deadline (for myself). It’s a good thing I bought postage AFTER the rate change. 😉

I do realize that Mrs. Bee’s post was like 4 years ago. Things may have changed by then. However, I remember my cousin got married in March also and that was just last year. I don’t think she had much of a problem finding vendors. The hardest thing for us is saving the money we need to pay everything off, but we’re trucking along here despite the economy. As long as we can both manage to stay employed, we’ll be golden. 

So, here is my proposed new timeline:

April – Booked venue!

May – Ordered save-the-dates

June – 1) Mail save-the-dates, 2) Finalize bridesmaid dress to give everyone plenty of time to order it, 3) Finalize rehearsal dinner venue

July – Hit up Bridal Extravaganza for photography vendors (samples of photography to come soon for the ones I am looking in to) and dress shows.

August – 1) Finalize wedding gown choice. 2) Order invitations

September –  1) Book photgrapher, 2) Maybe finalize shoe selection for me and the girls if not already done.

October – Get with venue vendors to discuss flowers, cake, ceremony & music.

November – Buy rings?

December – Start designing programs and other wedding paper things.

January – Book Groomsmen fittings for tuxs (We have to wait for one of them to come back from Iraq!)

February – ?? Maybe a hair and makeup trial?

March – Get marriage license

I’ll bet I am going to add to this as we go along. I am sure I am missing something. I have to admit, writing it down like this does make it seem less overwhelming to me.

Of course, on a ongoing basis I will also be working on favors, wedding accessories, gifts and things of that sort.

Do you make up timelines for important events to keep you in line?

I’ve got Mail!

Well, not exactly. I got an email today. Are you ready?


Our save-the-dates are snuggly on their way to our house and should arrive on the 13th! Woohoo!! Now, I don’t know being that it is Fedex ground if they will leave it on my doorstep. I sure hope so. I mean, I think I can trust the neighborhood that nothing would happen to them. I’m so excited to see them. So much so, that in this case, excitment overpowers the nerves that I actually don’t have about 75% of the addresses I need. Haha. Yeah. That is a lot! However, I think assembling the STDs will be fun. I am uber excited to see the finished product. Something I find interesting is the difference in my invites compared to other brides. A lot of people’s are very colorful and whimsical. Not to mention, they DIY the whole thing! From paper, to creating envelopes, printing, graphic desigining….I mean from top to bottom. Very creative! I try to be creative, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually followed through on anything I’ve started creating. With the exception of a few crochets projects, that is. As of right now, I have about 5 tissue packets started and now I am about to start assembling my STDs because when they arrive, you know I won’t be able to keep my grubby little hands out of that box! I need to learn to take one thing at a time!

Do you ever take on too much at one time?

Moving along…

I finally received my swatches from My Gatsby! So, if I got nothing else accomplished I did accomplish one thing…I ordered our save-the-dates! It’s actually pretty funny. I ended up going with a completely different style than the sample I ordered (oops!).  I also opted to assemble myself because I am adding ribbon (Any volunteers to come help? LOL) and I had a 10% off coupon code. Yay! I always feel so much better when I can say I saved money. Haha

I also got my glassine envelopes for the “Tears of Joy” tissue packets. That day was like Christmas with all my goodies (Even though my “presents” were opened by you know who. He said I get all the cool stuff. Haha)! So, this morning while the future husband (who will be known as FH from this point on) was still snoozing, I was busy measuring and designing the labels. So fun! I think I have it down the way I like it. My only problem is that our printer doesn’t work. I suppose I should get better quality at Kinko’s anyway than our personal printer, right? I will print a trial at work before going to print of course. I have to make sure it will work just fine.

I’m so excited now! Things are coming together! I’ve been doing wedding surfing for most of the day and have so many ideas now.  For now, the first DIY project will be the tissue packets and a semi-DIY will be the save-the-dates.

I’ll keep you updated. Now, I am off to start my bootcamp video! Woohoo!

The Impatient Bride

Hahaha! Its only been a few weeks of planning and already I’m impatient. I feel like I am at a stand still. I am waiting on swatches for two things that I can’t make decisions on until I receive them.

First, I am watching for a swatch card from My Gatsby for the Save the Date cards. I want to make sure I get the colors just right.

Secondly, I am waiting on a swatch card from Alfred Angelo. I am getting down to picking the final few dresses I like to present to my girls, but color is still to be decided.

So, anyone who knows me is probably thinking, “So what. We already know everything is going to be purple anyway.” Well, yes, that is true. However, have you ever looked at how many different shades of purple are out there? I mean there are shades that are pinkish and shades that are blueish…and they do NOT all go together either. In fact, there are some pretty obnoxious shades of purple. Not my shades at all. So, I will patiently wait for my swatches…

One thing that makes me very nervous is ordering my purple things from the internet. Even moreso, now that I read a blog post from someone that ordered from the internet and got completely the wrong color. I can even understand her thought process. She ordered lavender. You would think, how can you go wrong with a shade of lavender? So, buy it in person right? Not always so easy. The cute stuff is online.

Ok, so the things I am nervous about:

1. My wedding cameras. I ordered them in (GASP!) lavender! Hopefully, they are actually lavender. On Tuesday, when we were home because of flooding I thought I had gotten them. No go. It turned out to be the wedding bubbles I ordered with them, but the cameras are backordered. BLAH!

2. I want to order personalized ribbon, but how do I make sure the shade is the right one?

3. I think I would actually prefer a dark purple tulle for the wedding bubbles. However, I’ve only seen tulle at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s in lavender and purple. A loud obnoxious purple.

4. Did anyone else know that Arne’s is still closed from Hurricane Ike? I had always envisioned if I ever had the opportunity to have a real wedding, my mom and I would go there to get the things like tulle or any thing else we needed for favors or accents to the wedding. Well, not so if you plan a wedding after a major hurricane hits!

Haha! I really kind of hope I don’t sound too high strung, because truthfully I am not. I do feel I am at a standstill. Mainly because I am not good at decision-making. So, the things I have decided on, I am trying to be patient about but are taking forever (cameras and swatches). Of course, the things I need to decide on fairly quickly (ring and rehearsal dinner) I still have no idea. Then come the fun things. Photographer and honeymoon. Well, that’s only one fun thing. Haha

Time is a-ticking! Soon, there will only be 10 months to go!