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DIY Tissue Packets – Tutorial

A while back I posted about my first diy project. The project got put on hold when I had to get other things done like the save-the-dates. I am happy to announce the tissue packets are done! I finally got around to finishing this project I had started so long ago. I am glad I waited for two reasons. One, I was able to use our mongrams to dress up the label. Two, I had bought a handy dandy 2.5″ Xyron create-a-sticker machine with a 50% Michael’s coupon. Not bad huh? If I were more patient, I would have waited for them to get the 5″ since I did get a discount, but unfortunately I am THE impatient bride.
So here is what I did:

1. I made a template of labels using tables in MS Word. I think I fit 3 columns and 6 rows. I added the phrase “For your tears of Joy” and/or “Para sus lagrimas de allegria” with our monogram. I used different monograms on each because technically the “and” should be “y” on the Spanish one. I then cut them out using my Fiskars portable paper trimmer. I took out the borders of the tables so it wouldn’t show in case I did not get a “clean” cut.

2. I then took the dark purple linen paper I bought from Hobby Lobby and cut it a little bigger.

3. Using my Xyron, I made the label “stickers” and then adhered them to the backing layer (dark purple paper).










This is actually my sample before the monograms

This is actually my sample before the monograms






1. I ordered the mini glassine envelopes from Jena Richards. If I could do this again, I probably would order them from a different place and order them a little bit bigger. These worked out fine, but it didn’t provide the “polished” look I would have liked. To fold the envelope on the sides with the seams meant to have the open part showing. I decided that was better than working with the seam part showing. I’ll show you what I mean in a bit.
2. I bought pocket sized tissue packets from CVS Pharmacy because that was the only place I found them when I was looking. Apparently, the Wal-Marts in area were doing a remodeling thing. I found the Kleenex brand pocket tissues afterwards.
3. I folded the 2 tissues so they fit in to the little glassine envelopes with enough room for me to “seal” them. I actually used my bone folder to get a crisper fold that would sit flatter in the packet.

Downloaded July 086

Additionally I cut lavender and green ribbon to the size of the envelope or close to. I cut them a little longer so I could cut them evenly before adding the seal.

Then I was ready to assemble!

1. First, I added the green ribbon. I started from the back and worked my way to the front with glue dots. I put a dot at one end, in the middle of the back, middle front and at the flap to secure before the seal:

green ribbon

2. Then, I did the same with the lavender ribbon:

lavender ribbon

3. Then, I trimmed the ribbons at the flap:


4. Added a seal to close the envelope. Here you can see what I mean about the open part falling where the seams are:

Old pictures 008

5. Then, I ran the label through my sticker machine again and adhered it to front of the packet.

Downloaded July 093

6. Lastly, I used E-6000 (which is awesome btw) to add a little flower crystal. I used a toothpick otherwise too much adhesive comes out of my tube.

Downloaded July 094

That’s it. I pretty much did each step separately. As in, I finished all the labels, then, stuffed all the packets,then went on to add all the ribbons, then adhered all the finished labels to add the flower crystal.

I plan on setting these out for the ceremony. I made 18 Spanish and 55 English. I am hoping that is enough. I think it will be with some left over which I am going to tell someone to put in the ladies bathroom after the ceremony.

What was your first diy project?


Break it down: Save-the-Date

After it was all said and done here is the cost breakdown for the Save-the-Dates: 
Vendor Item Quantity Cost invitations 75  $       158.28
Joann’s ribbon 4  $           7.27
Hobby Lobby runner adhesive 3 pk  $           8.57
Hobby Lobby Scrapbook squares 1  $           4.28
Michaels mini glue dots 1  $           4.28
Michaels Charms 2 – 50 pk  $         10.70
Michaels lavender metallic gel pen 1  $           1.60
Hobby Lobby Vellum for Spanish inserts 1 – 25 pk  $           7.57
Fedex Kinkos Printing for Spanish inserts 10 shts  $           6.39
USPS Postage 37 invites  $         50.39
Hobby Lobby Seals 1 pk  $           4.32
Total  $       263.65
Total cost per invite  $        3.52


*Note: I think it is worthy to mention I have some supplies left. I have about 20 invites left because the increments went from 50 -75. Obviously 50 would not have been sufficient. Good call on that one. I also have charms, scrapbook squares, mini glue dots, ribbon, vellum, printed inserts and seals left. Additionally, I got more than 75 invites in my package. I ended up with about 80 with a few extra backings. It also turned out I did not need as many spanish inserts as I had printed, but that is how I do it. Always better to have more than enough than not enough!I think 6 sheets would have been plenty.

Could it have been cheaper? Sure. Would I have been just as happy? Perhaps.  In the end, it was a definite learning experience and I was happy with the end result. I did spend a little extra on things like the Spanish inserts, but what is the point of giving someone an invite they cannot read? It was well worth it.

Save-the-Date How To

I have a confession to make. I have so enjoyed and admired reading Weddingbee. I have countlessly looked through various bloggers full posts (list? log? basically all of their posts) and have been speechless at some of their ideas. For example, take this bee’s extravagant invitation boxes. I tried my hardest to be creative and I’ve had several failed attempts to say the least. I did manage to add a few accents to our save-the-dates and even though they are not as eloquent or detailed as some of the ones on Weddingbee, I am pretty happy with how they came out. It screams Becky in just about every way really.

I think everyone should have gotten their Save the Date now, so without further ado, I present to you our save-the-date how to…Wedding 001


I have to apologize in advance for the photo quality.  I catch a glare at the coffee table but it was my workspace since I worked on these during Bridezilla re-runs. LOL

This is what I started off with. There was the invitation layer and two backing layers. At this point I still didn’t know which shade of lighter purple I was going to use so I went with the  lavender. I also had ribbon from Joann’s, charms from Michaels and adhesive tape from Hobby Lobby  and mini glue dots from Michaels. Glue dots are awesome by the way. I think I also used some scrapbook squares on some of them.

Wedding 003

I first tied the ribbon around the invite.

Wedding 004


Then, I added the charm

Wedding 005

After a couple of tries on several, I ended up with this:

Wedding 007


Wedding 008

Then I lines the sides of the amythest layer with adhesive or squares (on the four courners only) to stick to the lavender layer and ended up with this:

Wedding 009


Wedding 010

Put adhesive, glue dots or scrapbook squares on the invitation layer, to end up with the finished product:

Wedding 011

I’ve gotten a few compliments on them. Its purple and shimmery and girly and just me. Don’t worry, I ran it by the mister and he approved. 😉

So that was my first semi-DIY project. I would have gotten charged an extra $40 for assembly and it would have been without the pretty ribbon and charm which I think gives it a personal note.

Is there anything you’ve semi-DIYed bc you wanted to spruce it up a little more?

Tissue Packets – continued…

Ok, so today one of my bridesmaid said, “Why don’t you use both?” So, I thought, “Hmmm, both ribbons?” This is what I came up with:

A – crystal embellishment

Double ribbon with embellishment

Double ribbon with embellishment


B – Purple Rose 

Double ribbon with rose

Double ribbon with rose

It also occured to me that I did not show you the back last time, so here it is:
Back of the tissue packet

Back of the tissue packet

So, what do you think of this one?

First DIY – Tissue packets

This is my first DIY project and I spent a lot of time just doing the samples. Haha I’m hoping it will go faster once I know what I’m doing. Hoping. I wanted to get the samples made though because I need opinions! Even though I’ve always thought my wedding would be nothing but a sea of different shades of purple, I have been leaning towards adding some hints of chartreuse. I don’t know….I think it makes it look very Springy. I have fallen victim to browsing  the trends and now its grown on me to the point that I THINK I actually want it in my wedding. Maybe just a few hints here and there. So, I have two samples and want your opinions on which you like better:

A – green ribbon with purple rose

green ribbon with purple rose

green ribbon with purple rose

Um….ya, ignore the green little stub.

B – lavender ribbon with crystal decor

lavender ribbon with crystal

lavender ribbon with crystal