Love at first sight….Ahhhh

I love the idea of handwritten little notes from our guests for the guestbook! I think it is fun to see what advice and well wishes people give.

I happened to be walking through Target one day and I ended up in the aisle with the photo albums. I glanced and this one caught my eye. It was love at first sight. This is right up my alley and corresponds with my “Love is patient, Love is kind” theme that has sort of evolved.

Target wedding album

I seriously cannot tell you how excited this made me. I am all about inspirational quotes and expressions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I do not know why. I guess it is that dorkiness in me. They just fill my heart with joy and make me giddy. No really. I wish I could say it was the doing of the wedding, but no I was like this before.

So, naturally, I bought the album. My initial thought was to convert this in to our guestbook. However, as all ideas “Becky”, I had two visions for the guestbook that I cannot choose between.

Option #1  – To use individual card/envelopes to glue to the album. For this obviously, my Target album would not work. Which is ok, because I can then use that album for our wedding pictures like it was meant to.

Option #2 – Use a “Well Wishes” jar for guests to write their message and then drop the card in the jar. After the wedding, the cards would be assembled in the album. Since the album has 4 x 6 slots, I could make the cards 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 or so, which would allow room for long messages as well.

Option #3 – I can use a “Well Wishes” jar and envelopes. According to a Martha Stewart  article, even though you use a clear vase or bowl, the envelopes allow for privacy, encouraging guests to write something more sentimental without worrying about wandering eyes.

Guestbook Inpiration board

 (Pic 2, all others)

I can use the well wishes jar regardless, but do I have envelopes or no envelopes? Also, do I make my pretty photo album work as the guestbook or should I just use it for photos and get a guest book with plain pages to glue the envelopes to? Obviously, my Target album will not work for gluing envelopes as the inside looks like this:

Downloaded July 085

(Pic by moi)

What would you do? Should I use this album for the guest book or use it for pictures?


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