Break it down: Save-the-Date

After it was all said and done here is the cost breakdown for the Save-the-Dates: 
Vendor Item Quantity Cost invitations 75  $       158.28
Joann’s ribbon 4  $           7.27
Hobby Lobby runner adhesive 3 pk  $           8.57
Hobby Lobby Scrapbook squares 1  $           4.28
Michaels mini glue dots 1  $           4.28
Michaels Charms 2 – 50 pk  $         10.70
Michaels lavender metallic gel pen 1  $           1.60
Hobby Lobby Vellum for Spanish inserts 1 – 25 pk  $           7.57
Fedex Kinkos Printing for Spanish inserts 10 shts  $           6.39
USPS Postage 37 invites  $         50.39
Hobby Lobby Seals 1 pk  $           4.32
Total  $       263.65
Total cost per invite  $        3.52


*Note: I think it is worthy to mention I have some supplies left. I have about 20 invites left because the increments went from 50 -75. Obviously 50 would not have been sufficient. Good call on that one. I also have charms, scrapbook squares, mini glue dots, ribbon, vellum, printed inserts and seals left. Additionally, I got more than 75 invites in my package. I ended up with about 80 with a few extra backings. It also turned out I did not need as many spanish inserts as I had printed, but that is how I do it. Always better to have more than enough than not enough!I think 6 sheets would have been plenty.

Could it have been cheaper? Sure. Would I have been just as happy? Perhaps.  In the end, it was a definite learning experience and I was happy with the end result. I did spend a little extra on things like the Spanish inserts, but what is the point of giving someone an invite they cannot read? It was well worth it.

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