A bridesmaid outing

A few weeks ago, somehow all of the BMs and MOH were able to congregate to go dress shopping. My girls are wonderful and the only reason I say “somehow” is because 3 of them live out of town, all in different places. MOH L comes from San Antonio, BM J comes from Corpus Christi and BM T comes from Killeen. Imagine my surprise and excitement to find out they would ALL be making it!

Here is a snapshot before courtesy of my guy:Wedding 004


We were missing MOH L since she was on her way and running a bit late so she met us at the bridal salon. From left to right top to bottom: BM A, BM T, me, BM B, BM J, Jr. BM J, BM J’s younger daughter.

As I mentioned in another post, I pretty much had a couple of styles in mind. Here are the girls in the two styles (pictured by moi):Wedding 006


The pink dress what not actually in the selection. The lady helping us just threw that in there, I am guessing because it was her size? Also, these are not the colors. MOH will be wearing eggplant and the BMs will be wearing lavender.  Other than that, taking in to account the actual dress styles and how they fit, I think they were good choices. I thought both styles looked really great on all the girls. In listening to all the girls talk, it was quickly apparent which girl liked which style best.

There is the tiniest glitch with this dress:

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 2

First of all, I had originally wanted to intertwine the two dress colors on the dresses and the trim (i.e. MOH eggplant dress with lavender trim and BMs lavender dress with eggplant trim). The trim on this dress only comes in white or ivory. I got over that quickly though, because the white trim will tie their dresses in to mine and I had originally thought of the BMs wearing white shoes instead of dying them. This way when it is all said and done they can dye them a color they can use again.  Secondly, as you can tell, there is a short train on the dress. Albeit short, it is still there and the sales lady mentioned getting it bustled. I had a problem with this because I feel like that is just another expense I’d be asking my girls to incur. However, after some brainstorming with a couple of the BMs and a little internet searching, we decided we could probably add our own bustle! Since the train is really so small, surely we could add a snap or button to the underside right? Right?!

So, its poll-time again ladies!

After the dress shopping we had a small little barbeque to say thanks to the girls. Unfortunately most of them had to get going. Here are a few pics on a very hot day:

Wedding 010 Wedding 011

Wedding 013

Wedding 012

Wedding 016

Did you come across any snaggles with your bridesmaid dress choices?

4 responses to “A bridesmaid outing

  1. what a lovely day 🙂

  2. dang I look tall in that first pic. 🙂

    That day was a lot of fun.

  3. it was great seeing you all again. cant wait to you again. i liked both dresses.

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