How I spent a quiet Sunday morning

Sunday mornings around my house are pretty quiet. I usually run my errands on Saturday morning. Living with a house full of men (my fiance and two sons) I am usually the first person up with a few hours of me time before they start waking up and trickling in to the living area. I like to use this “me” time to peruse wedding sites, play some online games, catch up on my emails, etc. This past Sunday I decided to use my time trying to design the map to be include in the invitations.

You see, Saturday I spent a day with my mom doing wedding stuff. We went dress shopping, went to Michael’s and then came home and experimented with my ideas for the invitations. With all that fresh on my brain, I decided to try my hand at making our map. Mainly, so I am not rushed to do it once I do have everything else in order for invitations.

While, I would have loved to of designed a map like this:


I went with a map more like this because I thought it showed details and streets much better:




 I ended up using Mrs. Ballet Flat’s handy tutorial. It was very helpful for me since I have limited programs on my home computer (all the cool ones are at work).

Here is my finished product:
Final Map of venue

While I am proud of this because it took me a good 2 hours at least (if not 2 1/2 hours) I am concerned about the readability of the map. Does this look confusing to anyone?

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