I love you like a fat kid loves cake

Well, consider me that fat kid becuase I LOVE me some cake.

Have you ever noticed the amount of cake decorating shows or challenges there are? The Food Network Challenge is always doing cakes. Cakes for brides, for sweet sixteens, barmitvahs, Disney cake….the list goes on and on. Also, there is that Amazing Cakes show (that comes on when I THINK Bridezillas should be on) and Ace of Cakes. Cake decorating has become a true art form. So, I have been perusing cake pictures on Theknot.com. I have found a few that I like, but nothing that looks exactly how I want it, which is ok. It’s just not seeing exactly what you like how you like it is a bit intimidating for me. How do I know if it will look good? I figured I’d share some of the pics I have found and what I like about those particular cakes.

First, here is my original inspirational picture. Remember this is back when I thought we were having a fall wedding. The flowers were going to be red roses so this fit in perferectly even though there was no brown. It looks fall-like.original vision


Since then, the vision has changed since the flowers are no longer red and the wedding will no longer take place in the fall, but doesn’t that just look yummy?

However, even then, even though the cake pictured is round, I knew I wanted a square cake. I don’t know what it is about the square look that I like. A lot. Another thing that had become evident to me is that I like the way scrollwork and beading make a cake look like in these two pictures:

Cakes scroll and beading



Now, that makes my cake so far: square with scrollwork and beading (maybe). Another detail I have found to have that “unique” vibe is when the square tiers are diagonal. Really like this!

Cakes diagonals


This collage I will elaborate on more: 

Image #1 & 2 – I really like the difference in the tiers texture. I think it really makes it pop.

Image #3 – Love the different shapes! Alternating shapes like that may not be a bad idea. I also like how they alternate the texture with the shape too.

image #4 –   It’s square, diagonal, has scrollwork…with the right flowers and colors I think that would be very pretty.

This is another one I liked with the tiers offset a little. I don’t particularly care for the bow/present design though. It lookes more like a bridal shower cake or something to me.

cake 12 offset tier present


The next couple are really plain, but sometimes less is more:

Cakes plain


I like the use of ribbon and flowers on these. Image #1 has lavender fondant which I am also liking very much. The lavender part not the fondant part. Can we say buttercream? OH YES! It has a classic look with the sugar flowers. Image #2 has the orchids that I liked so much.

This last set has round cakes, but it is more or less what I think I want:

Cake vision



Imagine cake #1 in square diagonal  lavender tiers, with the scrollwork and ribbon of cake #2 (plus the mongram on cake #1)and beading at the bottom of the ribbon and whatever our flowers end up being. Think it would work?

I thought this was stunning enough to deserve an honorable mention in my post:

honorable mention


The bow on the ribbon is SO CUTE! I don’t particularly like the dots, but I think the cake itself looks fabulous.

There you have my thoughts. Which cake style did you like the best?

3 responses to “I love you like a fat kid loves cake

  1. I really liked the third cake, it looks pink with the scroll & beading, pink and green flowers. I also really liked image #4

    “image #4 – It’s square, diagonal, has scrollwork…with the right flowers and colors I think that would be very pretty.”

  2. ohh and I also liked the one under less is more, the second one, very very pretty.

  3. ok personally i live the pink and chocolate look i think its too lovely. but i agree with the square look too i like that the scroll makes it look fancy.

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