The wedding dress that could not be

I have heard of tales of brides finding a perfect dress that they love and it just slipping away from their fingers just like that. Well, I am here to say, I am no longer a non-tale believer. Guess what? It happened to me.

Here is the back story. The guy told us it is a Henry Roth dress. They went out of business. They had a bad year. It is a COUTURE dress. At that point, I said, “Oh, Nevermind.” Why nevermind? Well, because in my mind, couture = out of my price range. I nixed the $1300 Maggie Sottero Edwina Marie out of my dress choices. Why even try on a dress that is out of my price range? So why would I try on a couture dress when I know that means dropping about 3k. On a dress. I’ll never wear again. But, then the little boutique owner said, “Wait! I’m not finished.” Because Henry Roth went out of business he could cut me a deal. Are you ready for this? Seriously? Are you ready?

The dress is $2200 but was willing to give it to me in the$900 price range. Of course this was after I had already mentioned my budget was under $1000. Either way. That was less that 50%. OMG!

So what was the catch? You guessed it. It had to be THAT one. A dress that was 2 sizes too small. Amazingly, it made it past my butt and hips and all that good stuff. It even zipped about halfway. When, we got to the bust part…it just wasn’t happening. Once we saw it on, both my mom and I immediately said, “I like it.” I think we both knew at that point even though that could very well be “the one”, it just wasn’t happening. Also, the dress was in ivory. But you  know what? Omar would have just had to deal with it if it had fit. If it fit, that would have been the dress I got. End of story. Haha

Well, everything happens for a reason right?

I went on to try on a few more dresses and we did find a couple more we liked, but still have not tried on the complete “list” yet. I can tell you this. Diamond white is a much more flattering color than white white. I almost don’t mind the diamond white.

So, want to see the dress that could not be MY wedding dress? Here ya go. I promise you tho, the pictues do NOT do it justice!

Oh, and I forgot to mention – when I started searching for the dress to show everyone I discovered it is from the Spring 2006 line. That would be 4 yrs old by the time I get married. I wouldn’t have cared. I would have sported it like a 2010. Haha On with the eye candy!

Henry Roth Dress Spring 2006

Seriously. The bodice? Beautiful. The bow? LOVE IT. The lace? Amazing. I don’t even like lace. But this one with all the little beads…totally made the dress. So. Sad.

 HR Dress Sp 06 detail


R.I.P. beautiful awesome dress. *tear*

Oh, by the way, we did make one other discovery. Mom is absolutely not in charge of lacing the corset if my dress has one! Haha

Did you ever find something that was “the one” only to have to let it go?


3 responses to “The wedding dress that could not be

  1. That is a beautiful dress. There wasn’t a way to alter it?

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