Save-the-Date How To

I have a confession to make. I have so enjoyed and admired reading Weddingbee. I have countlessly looked through various bloggers full posts (list? log? basically all of their posts) and have been speechless at some of their ideas. For example, take this bee’s extravagant invitation boxes. I tried my hardest to be creative and I’ve had several failed attempts to say the least. I did manage to add a few accents to our save-the-dates and even though they are not as eloquent or detailed as some of the ones on Weddingbee, I am pretty happy with how they came out. It screams Becky in just about every way really.

I think everyone should have gotten their Save the Date now, so without further ado, I present to you our save-the-date how to…Wedding 001


I have to apologize in advance for the photo quality.  I catch a glare at the coffee table but it was my workspace since I worked on these during Bridezilla re-runs. LOL

This is what I started off with. There was the invitation layer and two backing layers. At this point I still didn’t know which shade of lighter purple I was going to use so I went with the  lavender. I also had ribbon from Joann’s, charms from Michaels and adhesive tape from Hobby Lobby  and mini glue dots from Michaels. Glue dots are awesome by the way. I think I also used some scrapbook squares on some of them.

Wedding 003

I first tied the ribbon around the invite.

Wedding 004


Then, I added the charm

Wedding 005

After a couple of tries on several, I ended up with this:

Wedding 007


Wedding 008

Then I lines the sides of the amythest layer with adhesive or squares (on the four courners only) to stick to the lavender layer and ended up with this:

Wedding 009


Wedding 010

Put adhesive, glue dots or scrapbook squares on the invitation layer, to end up with the finished product:

Wedding 011

I’ve gotten a few compliments on them. Its purple and shimmery and girly and just me. Don’t worry, I ran it by the mister and he approved. 😉

So that was my first semi-DIY project. I would have gotten charged an extra $40 for assembly and it would have been without the pretty ribbon and charm which I think gives it a personal note.

Is there anything you’ve semi-DIYed bc you wanted to spruce it up a little more?


One response to “Save-the-Date How To

  1. They came out AWESOME! I had talked to jenny and we both thought they were so cute!

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