Superstitious or not?

There seem to be all these wedding traditions or rather superstitions surrounding a wedding. I have to admit, I broke one. Well, sort of. Our wedding has been a long time in planning or specifically nailing down a date.  Of course, one of the things a woman immediately starts looking at is wedding dresses, right?

Some time last year, we were trying to figure out how to make this happen. I was looking at dresses and my fiance mentioned he would like to see them. Ok, lets think about this for one second. Really, this is my best friend in the whole world. He is the first one I run to about any other kind of decision or whose opinion is the very first that I will ask. Does it not make sense to at least show him my choices of wedding dresses?

I know that is one thing a lot of people have thrown out the window and some fiance’s have gone dress shopping with their brides. I am really curious how other people feel about this? Truth be told, I would LOVE to get his input on my dress. This is the dress I will be wearing when we become man and wife and our new life begins (even though it already has hehe)! I did enjoy getting his opinion before. The good thing is, we liked similar dresses. Our top 2 choices were the same. He has requested I wear a white dress and when I showed him one I really liked in champagne, he actually liked it too and “considered” letting me wear a non-white dress. Haha Well, that was a long time ago and since I have kind of fallen in lust with another dress. A few actually, but one in particular. I am itching to see what he thinks… but I am not sure if that will take away from seeing it the day we get married.

Which brings me to my next wedding tradition/superstition I am thinking of breaking. Not seeing each other before the wedding. Ok, hear me out. Haha I have seen a few photo shoots and Platinum Weddings episodes where the bride and groom see each other in their attire before the ceremony in a secluded place. The photographer takes photos of the “first look”….SO romantic! I just don’t know. Do I just nix everything that says wedding? We’ve already made the decision against a Catholic wedding ceremony, so do I just have an un-wedding wedding? I did talk to him about this one day. Or at least I tried. He just sort of laughed at me and then got lost in thought when he realized I was serious. I got the impression he wasn’t too keen on the idea.

So, what do you guys think? Should I let the groom see and maybe help pick out my dress? Should our “first look” be before the ceremony with just the two of us and our photographer (whoever that will be!) or should it be in front of all our guests as I walk down the aisle as it has been for centuries (?)?

3 responses to “Superstitious or not?

  1. I’ve never heard about the Bride and Groom meeting before the actual wedding to photograph the “First Look” but it does sound extremely romantic….My opinion on the whole dress thing is this…get Omar’s opinion on a few dresses…tell him to pick three (or however many) dresses he really likes…but don’t tell him which one you choose..let that be the surprise. I don’t think he should go with you to try on the dresses. I think the anticipation of what you will look like in your dress will be good for him…and of course, we, the bridesmaids well make sure you look absolutely beautiful for him.

  2. You know, I did EVERYTHING by the book when we got married. I didn’t see her the night before or the day of the wedding, never saw the dress… all those things. Now that I’m always around weddings (photographer) I have seen so many couples do things differently. I now have a TOTAL different opinion.

    It’s YOUR wedding day. Do what you want. I would now go shopping for the dress, hang out before on the wedding day, probably even get ready together. Not to say that others should do this – just that you should do what you want 🙂


  3. Tiffany Dockum

    I have to agree with Bobby, this is your wedding, and you should do what you want…I have to say though, the anticipation of walking down the isle and your soon to be husband having no clue how great you look, the look on his face when he sees you is a look that will be remembered forever! With that being said, wouldn’t it be so great to have that look saved to cherish forever? I don’t know..I could go either way, but it is your wedding, your day and whatever is going to make you the happiest, you should do!

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