I found it!

Ok, so I felt bad with my bridesmaids not seeing the pictured bridesmaids I did in that beautiful dress. So, I very carefully tracked back to my prior thoughts in the beginning of my planning process. Believe me, it was NOT easy to do. Do you know how much research I have done on photography? A LOT. Turns out, I had saved the photography website in my favorites. Of course I did not find this out until AFTER the hours of trying to figure out where I saw the pic. BUT. I found it! Ok, here is the pic where I saw the dress on a not so skinny model and I think they all look darling:

AMphotographyvideo bridesmaid dresses


Ok, my work is done. Good night!

3 responses to “I found it!

  1. you are rt it does look very nice i love that dress too.

  2. I love it!! It looks GORGEOUS. 🙂
    your wedding is my motivation to lose the pounds! I’m so excited to try them on!

  3. Ps. thank you for putting in the hours. lol love you 🙂

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