Bubbles vs. Petal Toss

One of my first wedding purchases were wedding bubbles. They are pretty versatile and keep well so why not? Because brides change their mind ALL THE TIME thats why!

Kind of like Mrs. Prefume of Weddingbee, I pretty spur of the moment decided I want a petal toss. However, I already had bubbles purchased. How will I justify this to myself and my groom no doubt?

A few people have suggested doing both. We can have the petal toss coming down the aisle after being pronouced husband and wife, which I think would be beautiful and fun pictures. My only concern would be having rose petals in my hair during our photo session. But, look at this darling picture I found on the Southern Weddings Magazine website:

Swsmag petal toss


I love how happy they look and it makes me all that much more excited!

So, that would leave what to do with the bubbles?

One suggestion is to do the bubbles at the send off. My concern with this is: will people actually be staying to the end? I don’t know. I can’t remember the last wedding I stayed at until the very end. This is my #1 choice, I just don’t know if anyone will even be left.

Suggestion #2 is to do the bubbles during our first dance, which seems romantic. However, I have visions of people walking across the dance floor and eating dirt because of a soapy floor. Or even worse, me kissing the floor. That would be a nightmare! They are wedding bubbles. Do you think it would get soapy?

So, there lies my second dilemma that I mentioned in a previous post. Until I know what I am using these darn bubbles for, I can’t assembe the favors. I need to know if I am using them for a first dance or a send off. I wanted to put a little note on the favors so it is clear. I have been to weddings where the bubbles never get blown or the rice never gets tossed because people don’t know when to do it.

2 responses to “Bubbles vs. Petal Toss

  1. Wow..I don’t know which way to vote on the bubble situation. I am with you, bubbles on the first dance could lead to some of us less coordinated people kissing the floor. Have the boys blow a bottle of bubbles in house and see how it affects the floor. Is it really soapy? If it doesn’t leave a wet floor maybe it won’t be so bad…I like the petal toss..we can remove all the petals before the photographs.

  2. Ohhh Ive seen pictures of the first dance surrounded with bubbles its just dreamy!! but yeaah maybe the floor needs to be clean up before the guest jump to shake, but I guess it depends on the kind of bubbles you have

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