My goodies…my goodies

I actually thought I had a song stuck in my head but then I realized it was another song. I was thinking of the Ciara Goodies song, but I really don’t know how it goes. All I remember is my sister wanting to play her Ciara CD once she was a little tipsy and me and Omar very vocally against it. LOL (Remember sis? 🙂 ) That has kind of always been a problem. Once we all get tipsy all Omar and I want to hear is ROCK and she wants dance music. Don’t worry sister, for the wedding we won’t have too much control and I will actually join you on the dancefloor if you’re up for it!

Anyways, so I have been very patiently waiting for some things to come in and they finally did last night. First up is our ribbon for the bubbles!

The light purple is actually lighter than I thought, but it’s all right. Already I am getting to the “screw it” stage on certain things and this was one. Its not that important. But, it still makes me giddy when I see it!

Lilac ribbon with purple foil

Lilac ribbon with purple foil

(Source: moi)

Oh crap! I just realized everything else has my real name on it and this is the only thing that will say Becky. Ooops. I thought something looked odd when I was looking at it last night…

It is very exciting because now I can assemble the bubbles. With one small detail. I am not sure what I want the tag to say. More on this later.

The second thing I received was the matchbooks! Bridesmaid A and I were talking matches the other day and I know I said I hate matchbooks and I do. However, matchboxes are so much more expensive. I came across an awesome deal on The Knot that I could not pass up. I got 100 matchbooks (we had discussed only getting 50 for like $30 for the boxes) for LESS than $20!! So you see why I went with the books. Hmmm…50 for $30 or 100 for $20? You do the math and tell me what you would have gone with. Without further ado, here there are:

Wedding 027

Wedding 028

(Source: moi again)

Sorry for the blurry pics, but err I misplaced my canon software disk….

The sad thing? The matchbooks are the only thing I can say is completely done and out of the way. I am considering – should I tie a ribbon around it (not the personalized favor ribbbon) to give it a little something? I know people are just going to take it off and chunk it though.  So, thats probably too much.

I figured I would show you some of the other matches we were looking at.

There were these for $33.00 for 25:

JEAN M slender matches




These were $22.00 for 50:
Jean M matchbox

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly $30.00 for 50, but I think I still made out much better with 100 for $15.99. Also, te matchboxes don’t come in custom colors, only white for the slender and the others white, black, ecru, silver. I wanted to stick with the purple color scheme.

I even considered making some personalzed matchbooks myself like this:
Miss fondue matches 1
Miss fondue matches 2
Miss fondue matches 3


However, we figured the ribbon would be rather annoying to someone actually using them to light a cigarette. I can see the pretty personalization (and my hardwork) being peeled right off to strike the match.

Did you have a change of heart about any aspect of the wedding because “the price was right”?

3 responses to “My goodies…my goodies

  1. I love the stylized couple on your matchbooks. Out of the other options you had I think the first ones with “A perfect pair” would have been the best choice 🙂

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  3. This is about YOU Sis…so no more Tipsy Sister stories ok? …lol…love ya

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