Proposed Bridesmaid dresses – A post to my bridal party

Dear Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids:

I know you are excited to see the dresses I’d like you to try on! So, I won’t make you wait any longer! Here are the two styles I like. I will preface and say that what I am really going for here is something that will feature both colors of the wedding: a light purple (lavender/lilac) and a darker purple (amythest/eggplant). What I would love is for the bridesmaids main color to be the light purple and  then the maid of honor to be the dark purple. Here are the two choices:


Alfred Angelo 6133 view 1


I really like this one. I think it would be flattering for everyone. This is the front side. The dress is the lavender color but the ribbon would be eggplant not black.

Alfred Angelo 6133 view 2


This is a picture of the detail. There isn’t much, but that is what I think makes it so pretty.

Alfred Angelo 6133 view 3

This is supposed to show the backside. Have I mentioned how much I dislike that black ribbon?

Ok, now this is #2:

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 1


Ok, please do not let the skinny model discourage you!! I saw this dress in a photographers album and I thought it complimented the maids very well. Then, I realized I had seen it before and sure enough I found it. This tiny picture is the only one I could get of the front side. LOL

Alfred Angelo 6552 view 2

Here is the backside which I absolutely love! I like the split showing a different color. Of course, it would be eggplant not white.

I am so excited!

I can give you a small bit of info. If we go with one of these dresses, both of them are between $175 – $200. They take 10-12 weeks to arrive so you have a little bit (ok, a lot of bit) of time. I just wanted you guys to be well informed ahead of time in case you need to slowly put money aside (like we are!). At the time of placing the order, you need to pay 50% and then the remainder is due at the time of pickup, but you can pay it off little by little in the meantime as well which is nice. So, if you want to pay a little every pay period so its paid off by the time it arrives, then you can. I think that is pretty cool. Almost like a layaway plan but not really.

What I don’t know is if we get a discount or something for ordering them all together. If not, and if it is not a problem for everyone to order their own, then I have no problem with that. On the other hand, if we want to order them all at the same time from the same location so they all come in at the same time, I have no problem with that either. The salon is relatively close to my work (and the Michael’s I frequent during lunch…A LOT) so its not a problem at all for me to swing by and pick them up at the time they are ready. I know you all have busy lives and my wedding is not top priority like it is in mine. I will be happy to accomodate what I can, my only request was that we do the initial dress shopping together. 🙂 I really think it will be a fun girl outing, which I don’t have many of.  Ok, I think I am blubbering now, so that concludes the info and pics of my first choice of bridesmaids dresses! I hope you like them!

Oh, and I really expect that in the new few months being wedding season and all plus the economy, that they will have some sales going on. There was one recently, but I knew no one was ready for it. I get the emails though, so I will keep you informed when there is one if you want to take advantage. Maybe I can get some kind of coupon at the Bridal Extravaganza next month as well. Never hurts to try.

How long did it take you to pick out bridesmaid dresses?

5 responses to “Proposed Bridesmaid dresses – A post to my bridal party

  1. I am so excited to go try on dresses! I think both are great. I laughed at the don’t be discouraged by the skinny model.. because I decided to check the website before I left for the gym. 🙂

  2. LOL Well, I hope I didn’t offend anyone because you all know I think you are gorgeous or else I wouldn’t have asked you stand with me in the first place right? I know I get discouraged looking at bridal gowns. I think, “Omg, this model is probably wearing a size 2 (and bridal gowns run about 2 sizes too SMALL to begin with) and I am in the double digits.!” Talk about depressing! :p

  3. i love dress 2 its beautiful. i dont know how flattering it would be but like brit i will check the website. lol. i love the color of lavender too. love you

  4. Sorry I am so late in responding. I haven’t checked the website in a while since I was out of town and Sis, you’ve been B-U-S-Y…I like both dresses too. I agree with Jennifer..I think dress 2 is beautiful…can’t wait to try them on.

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