I suddenly realized…

I have tons of time before the wedding! I felt much better after reading Mrs. Bee’s (founder of Weddingbee.com) wedding timeline.

Here I was stressing that I am quickly coming up on 9 1/2 months instead of 10, which will quickly turn in to 9 months and have not sent the save-the-dates yet. Can we say anal retentive? BTW, Wikipedia’s definition is:

“The term anal-retentive (or anally retentive, anal retentive), commonly abbreviated to “anal”, is used conversationally to describe a person with such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, and can be carried out to the detriment of the anal-retentive person.”

Yep. Guilty. I was so obsessed that I actually wanted to go out and buy a printer. Haha Also, I have repeatedly been bugging my mom for addresses (but that actually needs to be done). We don’t have a LOT of out of town guests, but for the ones we do have I want them to have plenty of notice of our special day to help plan accordingly. I don’t really think that is a bad thing, now is it?

So, now I am ok with the fact that our save-the-dates will be mailed in June instead of May which was my original deadline (for myself). It’s a good thing I bought postage AFTER the rate change. 😉

I do realize that Mrs. Bee’s post was like 4 years ago. Things may have changed by then. However, I remember my cousin got married in March also and that was just last year. I don’t think she had much of a problem finding vendors. The hardest thing for us is saving the money we need to pay everything off, but we’re trucking along here despite the economy. As long as we can both manage to stay employed, we’ll be golden. 

So, here is my proposed new timeline:

April – Booked venue!

May – Ordered save-the-dates

June – 1) Mail save-the-dates, 2) Finalize bridesmaid dress to give everyone plenty of time to order it, 3) Finalize rehearsal dinner venue

July – Hit up Bridal Extravaganza for photography vendors (samples of photography to come soon for the ones I am looking in to) and dress shows.

August – 1) Finalize wedding gown choice. 2) Order invitations

September –  1) Book photgrapher, 2) Maybe finalize shoe selection for me and the girls if not already done.

October – Get with venue vendors to discuss flowers, cake, ceremony & music.

November – Buy rings?

December – Start designing programs and other wedding paper things.

January – Book Groomsmen fittings for tuxs (We have to wait for one of them to come back from Iraq!)

February – ?? Maybe a hair and makeup trial?

March – Get marriage license

I’ll bet I am going to add to this as we go along. I am sure I am missing something. I have to admit, writing it down like this does make it seem less overwhelming to me.

Of course, on a ongoing basis I will also be working on favors, wedding accessories, gifts and things of that sort.

Do you make up timelines for important events to keep you in line?


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