I’ve got Mail!

Well, not exactly. I got an email today. Are you ready?


Our save-the-dates are snuggly on their way to our house and should arrive on the 13th! Woohoo!! Now, I don’t know being that it is Fedex ground if they will leave it on my doorstep. I sure hope so. I mean, I think I can trust the neighborhood that nothing would happen to them. I’m so excited to see them. So much so, that in this case, excitment overpowers the nerves that I actually don’t have about 75% of the addresses I need. Haha. Yeah. That is a lot! However, I think assembling the STDs will be fun. I am uber excited to see the finished product. Something I find interesting is the difference in my invites compared to other brides. A lot of people’s are very colorful and whimsical. Not to mention, they DIY the whole thing! From paper, to creating envelopes, printing, graphic desigining….I mean from top to bottom. Very creative! I try to be creative, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually followed through on anything I’ve started creating. With the exception of a few crochets projects, that is. As of right now, I have about 5 tissue packets started and now I am about to start assembling my STDs because when they arrive, you know I won’t be able to keep my grubby little hands out of that box! I need to learn to take one thing at a time!

Do you ever take on too much at one time?

4 responses to “I’ve got Mail!

  1. Sis… you might want to refrain from abbreviating “Save the Date”…LOL

  2. i agree i love that its an STD Its great …lol

  3. I bit ..lol

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