Moving along…

I finally received my swatches from My Gatsby! So, if I got nothing else accomplished I did accomplish one thing…I ordered our save-the-dates! It’s actually pretty funny. I ended up going with a completely different style than the sample I ordered (oops!).  I also opted to assemble myself because I am adding ribbon (Any volunteers to come help? LOL) and I had a 10% off coupon code. Yay! I always feel so much better when I can say I saved money. Haha

I also got my glassine envelopes for the “Tears of Joy” tissue packets. That day was like Christmas with all my goodies (Even though my “presents” were opened by you know who. He said I get all the cool stuff. Haha)! So, this morning while the future husband (who will be known as FH from this point on) was still snoozing, I was busy measuring and designing the labels. So fun! I think I have it down the way I like it. My only problem is that our printer doesn’t work. I suppose I should get better quality at Kinko’s anyway than our personal printer, right? I will print a trial at work before going to print of course. I have to make sure it will work just fine.

I’m so excited now! Things are coming together! I’ve been doing wedding surfing for most of the day and have so many ideas now.  For now, the first DIY project will be the tissue packets and a semi-DIY will be the save-the-dates.

I’ll keep you updated. Now, I am off to start my bootcamp video! Woohoo!

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