The Impatient Bride

Hahaha! Its only been a few weeks of planning and already I’m impatient. I feel like I am at a stand still. I am waiting on swatches for two things that I can’t make decisions on until I receive them.

First, I am watching for a swatch card from My Gatsby for the Save the Date cards. I want to make sure I get the colors just right.

Secondly, I am waiting on a swatch card from Alfred Angelo. I am getting down to picking the final few dresses I like to present to my girls, but color is still to be decided.

So, anyone who knows me is probably thinking, “So what. We already know everything is going to be purple anyway.” Well, yes, that is true. However, have you ever looked at how many different shades of purple are out there? I mean there are shades that are pinkish and shades that are blueish…and they do NOT all go together either. In fact, there are some pretty obnoxious shades of purple. Not my shades at all. So, I will patiently wait for my swatches…

One thing that makes me very nervous is ordering my purple things from the internet. Even moreso, now that I read a blog post from someone that ordered from the internet and got completely the wrong color. I can even understand her thought process. She ordered lavender. You would think, how can you go wrong with a shade of lavender? So, buy it in person right? Not always so easy. The cute stuff is online.

Ok, so the things I am nervous about:

1. My wedding cameras. I ordered them in (GASP!) lavender! Hopefully, they are actually lavender. On Tuesday, when we were home because of flooding I thought I had gotten them. No go. It turned out to be the wedding bubbles I ordered with them, but the cameras are backordered. BLAH!

2. I want to order personalized ribbon, but how do I make sure the shade is the right one?

3. I think I would actually prefer a dark purple tulle for the wedding bubbles. However, I’ve only seen tulle at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s in lavender and purple. A loud obnoxious purple.

4. Did anyone else know that Arne’s is still closed from Hurricane Ike? I had always envisioned if I ever had the opportunity to have a real wedding, my mom and I would go there to get the things like tulle or any thing else we needed for favors or accents to the wedding. Well, not so if you plan a wedding after a major hurricane hits!

Haha! I really kind of hope I don’t sound too high strung, because truthfully I am not. I do feel I am at a standstill. Mainly because I am not good at decision-making. So, the things I have decided on, I am trying to be patient about but are taking forever (cameras and swatches). Of course, the things I need to decide on fairly quickly (ring and rehearsal dinner) I still have no idea. Then come the fun things. Photographer and honeymoon. Well, that’s only one fun thing. Haha

Time is a-ticking! Soon, there will only be 10 months to go!

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