An Eventful Day

Today was quite eventful. Ever have those days where you didn’t really get anything done, but you feel like you got a lot done? That was our day. This was on the agenda for today:

1. Go to CVS
2. Boys hair cuts
3. Check out Paper Daisy
4. Look for rings
5. Inquire about rehearsal dinner venues

Check on all of the above! As for the wedding stuff, going to Paper Daisy was actually quite helpful. I didn’t find a save-the-date or invitation that I liked, but I got an idea of what some of the ones I’ve seen online actually look like because they had the same lines in books. I was torn between two designs and after seeing one of the designs in a book, I decided it was not what I am looking for after all. Yay for that!

Rings. This is probably one of the hardest things to do. How do you decide on a ring that is supposed to be the lifelong symbol of your love? I am struggling with this. I am a sentimental gal. I have a choice to make and I am not good at making choices. Haha Do you go with sentimentality or logic? I know I should go with “logic” (duh!) but then there is that damn sentiment part. I wish I could be as level headed as Omar is about it.

Lastly…the rehearsal dinner. You know, I NEVER thought we would have this much trouble settling on a venue for the rehearsal dinner. We have our favorite places to dine so I figured this part would be a piece of cake! Not so. There is ambience to think of, quality of food, prices, do they allow kids or not, beverage policies…etc. We thought we had it figured out and then we decided to actually go to the place because we had never been. We had heard good things about it from people who have similar tastes as us. Well, turns out they have revamped their style of dining in lieu of the economy. The establishment still looks nice, but the quality of food definitely shows their “family-friendly prices”. So, crossed that one off the list. Then, there is another one that we like as well, but the only thing I do not like is that it doesn’t seem like a very kid-friendly venue. I mean, in the wedding party alone, we have at least 5 kids! That might be workable though. It is a small establishment so I know it has to be worth it for them. Another place we inquired about will definitely be accomodating to anything we want to do or need and the food is delicious there. It is one of our favorite places. However, it is not the fanciest. It doesn’t have great decor. Its just a plain jane establishment. Decisions decisions! Did I mention I am not good with decisions?

Oh, and to top it off, I can only find 2 of the 4 styles I have narrowed the bridesmaid dresses to for the girls to try on. One of the ones available to try on I considered a last resort. Blah.

Back to the drawing board!

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