The Date is Set!!!

MARCH 13, 2010

Your presence (and calm cool manner) is requested!

Finally!!! I am so excited! This has now become a true reality that it is going to happen. Not a courthouse, not in Omar’s grandparents backyard, but at a place that we and our mothers both really like! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the other scenarios. If that is what it had to have been, it would not have made the day any less special. However, I’ve been married at the courthouse before…call me superstitious, but I didn’t want to repeat the occasion. As for a garden wedding at his grandparents backyard…also not a bad idea, but we didn’t want anyone to be put out too much and that would have ended up being a lot of work for our families. This venue is honestly, the best bang for our buck so to say. It includes the ceremony, music, florals, DJ, dinner, bartenders, wedding cake. The only big things we need to worry about are photographer and the groom’s cake. FMIL has already mentioned she has a friend that can do the groom’s cake. So, we put down a deposit today! YAY! Well…and then there is the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. I always forget about those two. Haha We are well on our way now and no turning back! As far as the planning goes…hehe. 

The venue is Cole’s Country. It has a very quaint Texas twang. There are some longhorns on the property that Omar wants to include in pictures and I am sure the boys (by “boys” I acutally mean the men in the wedding party) will have “fun” playing with. Kinda scary…I know. The website does not have a lot of  information, but you can check it out under the “Wedding Vendors”.

Other Updates…

In other news , we went and checked out some rings yesterday. I found one that I liked all right, I’m just not sure if it is “the one”. We also found one for Omar that we really liked, at least I really liked. I don’t know if he was completely sold either though. We are going to continue to look. We went to Jared and still need to go check out Robbins Bros. A friend of Omar’s also suggested checking out some jewelry place at Katy Mills. Does any one have any other suggestions around Houston?

Well, that is it for now. I will update you again with when the Save-the-Dates will be going out!

4 responses to “The Date is Set!!!

  1. Tiffany Dockum

    Rings….check out First Colony Mall…they have some really good jewlrey places. Also, the place where Nicholas got my engagement and wedding ring in Rosenberg is a really neat place as well…I’ll have to remember the name…Herfort Diamond Rings. They are great and allow you to finance it as long as you put a little money down. I don’t even think they charge interest b/c it is like them financing it on their own. And they have the option to trade for value as well. So that’s nice. Also, for the colors that you were thinking about…the colors of the flowers at the top of the page? Is that what colors you were talking about? If so, I think it is fabulous! Light enough to pull it off in the spring, for sure.

    • I just got the hang of this comment thing. Oops! The flowers will probably be a light purple type, but not neccesarily what is pictured. That was just a quick find for something to add to the blog. Haha

  2. rhodeygirltests

    eeek! THERE YOU ARE! i kept trying to find your old off ck blog but i couldn’t find it in my bookmarks or anything and you left ck so abruptly! HOW ARE YOU?????????????

  3. You’re getting married the same date as me!! It’ll be fun seeing your wedding unfold!

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